BRT – COVID Campaign (Animation)

A long-term client I’ve over the years is the Chicago-based travel agency, Bob Rogers Travel.  When the Covid-19 pandemic began to hit the travel industry in 2020, they like so many other businesses had to pivot not only their messaging, but even how they would approach creating assets moving forward.  In an effort to help better inform their customer base, they wanted to create content that spoke to their new “Trip Assurance Program” as well as the new Safety Protocols that they were putting in place for travel moving into 2021.

Since we couldn’t go out and film new trips because of the pandemic, we had to shift to an animated style of video that would also incorporate previously captured assets.  Jenny Vetter (my wife and frequent collaborator) co-wrote and voiced the scripts and we sourced different vector artwork that I creative directed into a cohesive storyboard and style that ultimately became the animated videos.

ClientBob Rogers TravelProductiondboyDirectorEvan VetterEditorEvan VetterYear2020

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