Project Alive – “Just Like You”

I’ve been friends with Jon Muedder of Caravan for a long time. When he found out last year that his son Finn was diagnosed with a rare disease called Hunter Syndrome, a disease that typically takes young boys before the age of 15 – he didn’t allow the situation to overwhelm him. He decided to take the fight to the disease, and reached out to different directors he knew to make a series of five documentary shorts featuring families fighting the disease.

The film I was able to direct is about Dave Ramsey personality and Retirement Expert Chris Hogan, his wife Melissa Hogan and their three amazing sons. It was an honor to help tell their story and to see their love and steadfast effort to combat this disease was inspiring and an incredible reminder of why I became a filmmaker.

We are believing these short films can help raise 2.5 million dollars this year for a cure that is ready to go into human trial. This trial would provide a way for an entire generation of boys to live (Hunter Syndrome has an average life expectancy of 10-20 years).

The video was released by the Dave Ramsey organization (their link now has over 250,000 views) and I encourage you to take 7-minutes to watch this and all of the other films available over at


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